Author: Roberto Pasqualino

Solutions for Global Disruptive Risks

A modern airline cockpit view, with the windshield revealing an intricate web of glowing nodes and connections, symbolizing system feedback loops. Faint outlines of Middle Eastern landmarks appear on the horizon. Transparent digital panels overlay the view, showing graphs of fuel costs, ticket pricing, and passenger demand, conveying a world of complex challenges.

Scenario Planning Reimagined: A Systems Dynamics Approach

In today’s interconnected world, global events can have profound and far-reaching impacts on businesses. One region’s volatility can echo across continents, demanding swift and strategic reactions from industries. For Chief Risk Officers, the challenge lies in forecasting and preparing for these ripple effects. Here, the marriage of Systems Dynamics with scenario planning becomes indispensable, as…
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Western world consumer demand reduction & the rise of Food Real Price Index and Food Poverty

Exoshock Insights on the Global Economy Exoshock is using its models again to monitor Covid-19 effects on the global and regional economies Among the major concerns for the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy there is the food supply disruption leading to food insecurity problem. While some countries might enjoy a healthier economic system…
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