Category: Climate Change

Solutions for Global Disruptive Risks

Are biofuels about to eat your lunch?

With greater pressure from the government and investors to shift to renewable energy sources there has been a surge in the production of biofuels around the world. Biofuels are an important form of renewable energy but not all are created equal. It is vital to evaluate their impact on both food security and the environment. Biofuels have…
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Aiding the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Pressure is building on CEOs from both the government and major investors,who are keen to ensure that businesses understand and plan for the impact that changes in the environment will have on their operations. As climate change continues to climb to the top of the world’s agenda and we transition away from fossil fuels to renewable…
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Mitigating the impact of climate change on food security

The impact of climate change threatens global food security. Many countries will need to adapt as it becomes harder to produce food and they become more vulnerable to the increased volatility of international food prices. While global efforts such as the Paris Agreement have tried to limit global warming to 2°C above pre-industrial levels, projections…
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Exoshock presents at Agri World in Paris

This week Roberto Pasqualino, Head of Model Development at Exoshock, is in Paris presenting at Agri World 2018,  the 11th World Congress on Plant Biotechnology & Agriculture. His talk will focus on the way in which Exoshock’s model can be used as reference for supporting data transparency within complex agriculture to support investments decisions with…
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Pasqualino presents at Conference in Zurich

This week, Roberto Pasqualino will be presenting his work on feedback and network system modelling of Annex Parties. Annex Parties have an obligation to provide finance to developing countries to help them alleviate the effects of climate change. This was a poster presentation given at the 2nd Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability, hosted by…
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