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Solutions for Global Disruptive Risks

Helicopter Money – Timing for maximizing economic recovery from the covid-19 supply chains and demand disruption

Exoshock’s global macroeconomic models are able to address various aspects of Covid-19 pandemic effects on the global, regional economies, marketplaces, and supply chains. Earlier we have looked at the commodity prices impact, consumer price index, inflation and hyperinflation scenarios due to demand shock, and food price and world’s poverty implications. Today we turn to the…
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Global Demand Shock, Deflation & Hyper-inflation

Exoshock Insights on the Global Economy Exoshock is using its model to monitor Covid-19 effects on the global and regional economies The lockdown of UK population due to Covid-19 spread during the last week has become a particular concern for the government while the death toll sharply rises. Such an intervention also impacts economic stability…
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